Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc.

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Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc. is the collective term for three related non-profit organizations – BVI, National Emergency Assistance (NEA) and Retiree Resources Corporation (RRC). We provide Tennessee Valley Authority retirees and former TVA employees with the opportunity to get involved in volunteer work, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) work and TVA contract work. 

Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc.

BVI offers an opportunity to volunteer at the Visitor Centers at Fontana Dam, Kentucky Dam, Norris Dam, and Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Facility along with a variety of other volunteer opportunities.

National Emergency Assistance, Inc.

FEMA relies on NEA employees to augment their disaster assistance endeavors all over the United States.

Retiree Resources Corporation

Many TVA retirees and former employees are working through RRC to provide temporary staff augmentation to TVA.

We seek to make an impact in our Tennessee Valley community through the following efforts each year

STEM grants given to Tennessee Valley teachers

Visitors to the TVA Visitor Centers

Tennessee Valley Robotics Teams entered into competitions

RRC employees supporting TVA through staff augmentation

NEA employees deployed to disaster areas

Retirees doing projects to help improve their communities

What’s New?

Tennessee Valley Robotics

Chattanooga Volkswagen was the host to a robotics event Saturday morning called the VEX IQ Regional Robotics Competition. "I think we're feeling confident about what our robot can do, but I also think we're feeling very nervous because this is our first big...

Generosity in Action

$10,000 donation to five Knoxville area nonprofits “This wonderful gift is really going to enhance a lot of the work we do here,” said Karen Pershing executive director of Metro Drug Coalition during one of five check presentations made on Monday, Oct. 30. The $10,000...

Currents of Change

BVI created the website as a free resource for Tennessee Valley teachers. The videos, photos, PowerPoints and lessons help teachers teach about the transformation of the Tennessee Valley from the Great Depression, through WWII, nuclear power...

An Honored Resting Place

Cemetery Relocation Spotlights Historic African American Community For the past several years, the Rev. Chris Ford has been ministering to 121 souls. He only knows the names of 46. The identities of the others have been lost to recorded history. The outreach minister...

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