Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc.

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Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc. is the collective term for three related non-profit organizations – BVI, National Emergency Assistance (NEA) and Retiree Resources Corporation (RRC). We provide Tennessee Valley Authority retirees and former TVA employees with the opportunity to get involved in volunteer work, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) work and TVA contract work. 

Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc.

BVI offers an opportunity to volunteer at the Visitor Centers at Fontana Dam, Kentucky Dam, Norris Dam, and Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Facility along with a variety of other volunteer opportunities.

National Emergency Assistance, Inc.

FEMA relies on NEA employees to augment their disaster assistance endeavors all over the United States.

Retiree Resources Corporation

Many TVA retirees and former employees are working through RRC to provide temporary staff augmentation to TVA.

We seek to make an impact in our Tennessee Valley community through the following efforts each year

STEM grants given to Tennessee Valley teachers

Visitors to the TVA Visitor Centers

Tennessee Valley Robotics Teams entered into competitions

RRC employees supporting TVA through staff augmentation

NEA employees deployed to disaster areas

Retirees doing projects to help improve their communities

What’s New?

Protecting the public: Recognizing Dam Safety Awareness Day

Bernie Auld, TVA Senior Program Manager, is part of a 50-person team responsible for the safety and structural integrity of TVA’s dams. “It's our job to protect the public,” Bernie said. “As an engineer, there are design standards that you go by, but your main focus...

Powered for Summer

TVA Prepared for Hot Weather How do you know summer has arrived? Memorial Day weekend? The last day of school? The first evening you see a firefly? For the Tennessee Valley Authority, it arrives with the completion of spring outage season. That’s when TVA’s equipment...

The Water, the Weir and the Island

Hibbs Island Rebuild Helps River Biodiversity Towering walls of crafted concrete, Tennessee Valley Authority dams changed lives. They stopped catastrophic flooding, electrified the region and created reservoirs in which people could play. But that’s not the whole...

TVA and customers build path forward with Public Power

To continue providing affordable, reliable, resilient and increasingly cleaner power to our customers and the Valley region, TVA plans to invest $15 billion over the next three years—building new generation, enhancing the reliability of our existing assets and...

Fidelity enhances security with mandatory two-factor authentication

In an ongoing commitment to help protect your personal information, Fidelity Investments is implementing mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) for all TVA 401(k) participants’ NetBenefits® accounts. This additional security measure is crucial in safeguarding your...

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