You’ve heard about TVA’s plan to meet the growing energy needs of the Tennessee Valley region, but you may not know that our plan includes more than generating additional megawatts.

Balancing affordability, reliability, resiliency and sustainability is the focus of every decision we make. As part of our commitment to meet the region’s energy needs in cleaner and collaborative ways, we are making profound investments to expand energy efficiency and demand response programs through the TVA EnergyRight® portfolio of consumer-facing programs.

“Every gigawatt-hour we take off the grid is one that doesn’t have to be generated,” said Manager of TVA EnergyRight’s Residential Services team Brad Wagner. “The more energy efficient homes and businesses are across the Valley region, the less generation TVA needs – and the closer we are to our carbon reduction goals – while also helping the people and businesses we serve achieve their own sustainability goals.”

What is TVA EnergyRight? 

The EnergyRight program started in 1994 and carries out TVA’s mission to make life better for the people of the seven-state Tennessee Valley region through powerful energy-saving resources and programs.

The TVA EnergyRight team partners with local power companies to encourage the adoption of energy efficiency and demand response, helping residents and businesses become more energy-savvy and sustainable through:

  • Energy management programs and tools
  • Business and residential energy efficiency incentives
  • Energy-saving tips
  • Online resources to learn about electric vehicles

“The beauty of these programs is they’re a win-win for consumers and TVA,” said Brad. “For homeowners and businesses, that translates into money in the bank, improved air quality and comfort, plus the satisfaction of doing something good for the environment. For TVA, the energy efficiency and demand response programs offered through TVA EnergyRight eases the strain on the grid during peak demand times and reduces pressure to build new power plants.”

What you need to know as a TVA employee and how you can help 

First, you should know that all of TVA’s EnergyRight programs are available to you. Saving energy means saving money, and EnergyRight makes it easy to do.

Home assessments: TVA EnergyRight has two free ways to easily assess the energy efficiency of your home.

  • Schedule a free Home Energy Evaluation where a TVA-certified Home Energy Advisor will assess your home and provide a detailed report on how your home uses (and loses) energy so you can prioritize energy efficiency upgrades. During the evaluation, the advisor will review 10 different areas that impact your energy costs including the HVAC unit, windows and doors and attic insulation. Visit EnergyRight’s website for more information and to schedule an evaluation.
  • If you’re short on time or have a busy schedule, you can conduct an assessment on your own using EnergyRight’s DIY Home Energy Assessment. The tool is mobile friendly so you can complete it from your phone or tablet and only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

If you complete an assessment (either option), you’ll receive a customized, detailed report on energy improvement recommendations. If you complete the DIY assessment, you’ll also get an exclusive energy-saving kit and $10 home improvement gift card which will be mailed to your home address.

Residential rebates: EnergyRight offers a variety of rebates to homeowners. The Quality Contractor Network of trusted, licensed and insured professionals can provide peace of mind while upgrading your home to become more energy efficient. Rebates are available for HVAC system upgrades; water heating; duct system sealing, repair, insulation or replacement; air sealing; attic insulation; and more. After installation, the contractor will submit information needed to the TVA EnergyRight team to process your rebate. Customers will receive an email with a rebate code they submit in order to receive a check for the rebate amount by mail. Find a participating contractor by visiting EnergyRight’s website.

Business incentives: In addition to the residential rebate program, businesses can also benefit from EnergyRight’s incentives and programs. Incentives are available for businesses of all sizes, and applying is easy through TVA’s commercial contractor network, called the Preferred Partners Network. Help us spread the word by sharing information about EnergyRight with business owners in your area.

There’s a lot to know about TVA EnergyRight, so check back each month for more information on how you can help TVA meet our energy efficiency goals and take advantage of money-saving resources.