Now Hiring for FEMA Support

Apply now if you:

  • Are a prior Federal Employee (TVA, DoD, Military, etc.),
  • Enjoy domestic travel, and
  • Want to support federal disaster missions.

WHY IT MATTERS:  While FEMA can fully support some disasters that impact the nation, FEMA also relies on augmentation from their Federal Partners. NEA, representing TVA, is a key player in FEMA’s disaster operations.

 THE BIG PICTURE:  NEA has almost a 35-year relationship with FEMA. Although small, NEA is mighty and is integral to national disaster support.

  • NEA employees are mostly retirees and range in age from mid-50s to mid-80s.  NEA employees’ work experiences are valued by FEMA.
  • NEA employees have been deployed to > 35 states and two US territories. Standard deployments are 3 – 4 months away from home.
  •  NEA employees specialize in FEMA’s Public Assistance program (damaged roads, bridges, courthouses, schools, wastewater treatment plants, electrical distribution systems, city parks, etc.).
  • NEA provides a 2-week required training class in FEMA’s policies, regulations, and methods.
  • When a candidate is deployed, an experienced Coach will be assigned to assist with the OJT qualification requirements.

THE WAY TO WIN:  Because NEA is sponsored by one Federal Agency (TVA) and supporting another Federal Agency, requirements for employment abound. Be patient.

  • Candidates must have above average computer skills and will be evaluated prior to deployment.
  • Candidates must pass a stringent background check to obtain a TVA Tier 2 Security Clearance prior to deploying.
  • Candidates can expect approximately a 9-month timelapse between applying and being eligible for the first deployment.
  • NEA requires each employee to deploy at least once per year.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Email your resume in Word or PDF to by July 15, 2023. Responding quickly during the vetting process when requested to submit forms, evaluations, or electronic data will minimize the duration of the adjudication process.