Just in time for planned outages across the fleet, TVA’s new Regional Maintenance organization is adding skilled craft people to our workforce who can quickly fill needed roles and help maintain timelines.

“We asked stakeholders in a variety of maintenance positions what we could do to better support their work, and they told us they’d like to have people with the right skills and experience arrive at sites quickly when needed,” said Regional Maintenance Services General Manager Robert Worrell. “From this feedback, we established TVA’s new Regional Maintenance organization and have been posting opportunities internally and externally to fill these roles.”

“We are in the process of hiring about 98 annual craftspeople who will be located in one of four regions,” he continued. “Our goal is to have them ready in the fall of FY 2024 to support the fleet during planned and emergent outages, which will help get our units back online safely with quality craftsmanship.”

The types of positions being filled include boilermakers, electricians, instrument mechanics, machinists and steamfitters. These skills match the future need for TVA as derived from the Labor Forecast Center. Construction managers have been selected to provide supervision for field activities.

In the past couple of months, approximately 28 people have completed the onboarding process at TVA and are ready to assist with fall outages. The remainder will be hired in time for the fall outage cycle across the fleet.

“Having these employees as part of our annual workforce gives us more flexibility to complete mission-critical work and fill in resource gaps, making outages more efficient,” noted Robert. “When we are able to complete planned outages safely and with quality, we save costs and keep the electricity flowing to meet demand.”

Robert pointed out that TVA will continue to partner with trusted contractors to perform outage work.

“We recognize that we have very experienced contractors who have worked collaboratively alongside employees for years, and those working relationships will continue,” he said. “Our Regional Maintenance teams will now be available to supplement the great work already being performed at our sites.”