Board of Directors

In 2002, Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc. was restructured into 3 separate groups:

  • BVI – to focus on volunteer activities
  • RRC (Retiree Resources Corporation) – to focus on paid contract work
  • NEA (National Emergency Assistance) – to focus on FEMA assistance

The organization as a whole is still known informally as BVI.  However, each group has its own board of directors.  Some directors serve on more than one board, to ensure all 3 groups work closely together.

James R. Russell is President of BVI, RRC & NEA. Members of the individual boards are listed below, and photos are available here.

If you would like to know more about the history of BVI, please click here for the publication, “A Short History of Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc.”

BVI Board of Directors

Ralph Carnathan, Chair

John McCay, Vice-Chair

Randy Snyder, Secretary

Jan Jensen

Tony Giggy

Frank Alford

Wayne Poppy

RRC Board of Directors

Kathy Black, Chair

Frank Alford, Secretary

John McCay

Gary Mauldin

John Hoskins

NEA Board of Directors

Randy Snyder, Chair

Jan Jensen, Secretary

Tony Giggy

Wayne Poppe

Bruce Schofield

Advisory Board

Cynthia Simpson

Janet Herrin

Phil Hyatt

John Culp

Bob Steffy