Chattanooga Volkswagen was the host to a robotics event Saturday morning called the VEX IQ Regional Robotics Competition.

“I think we’re feeling confident about what our robot can do, but I also think we’re feeling very nervous because this is our first big tournament,” said team members with Chattanooga Valley Middle School.

This team of young programmers and engineers are one of 36 teams putting their skills to the test.

From what we’ve learned their success if built off teamwork.

“I am a first year here, so Amos is helping me program, or helping me learn how to program,” said Krisoijan Grindle, student with CVMS.

The students obviously came to win but tell us they’re more focused on using the knowledge they learn from building robots to build their careers.

“And so that maybe one day I can go into the real world and start actually building robots that will maybe go on Mars or something like that,” said Amos Oster, student with CVMS.

“I joined robotics because I wanted to improve my communication skills and some day I hope to be an engineer,” Brooklynn Hunt, student with CVMS.

“And I might work for Volkswagen when I grow up,” said Grindle.

The future will definitely be a bright one with these up-and-coming geniuses.

“So these children are learning a multitude of skills that can be applied to a multitude of different jobs,” said Kathy Black, President of Bicentennial Volunteers / a TVA retiree organization.

“These children are not only learning to use their minds but their learning to use their hands,” said Bobby Klein, TVA board of directors member.

“This allows them to start developing skills in areas like engineering, whether it’s electrical or mechanical, in programming if they want to go into computer science field, but there is so many opportunities that this leads to,” said Scott Rosenow, Co-founder of Tennessee Valley Robotics.

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