BVI created the website as a free resource for Tennessee Valley teachers. The videos, photos, PowerPoints and lessons help teachers teach about the transformation of the Tennessee Valley from the Great Depression, through WWII, nuclear power to today.

Based on the documentary, Built for the People, Currents of Change provides teachers with primary source documents like photos and videos, that you can’t find anywhere else. The website has 3 actors portraying historical characters. It also has 8 ready to teach PowerPoints on topics such as Introduction to the Great Depression; The Story of the Tennessee Valley Told Through Music; Geography and The TN Valley.

In December, TVA retirees will attend the Currents of Change vendor booth at the National Council for Social Studies. 4,000 Social Studies teachers from all over the United States will gather in Nashville to learn about resources such as the Currents of Change website.

We appreciate our TVA retirees sharing their experiences with them. Check out our website It’s free for the public, too, and you will find some really interesting photos and videos that will bring back great memories for you. Retirees might be interested in the historical photos and videos