Vintage Photos: TVA’s Tiny Houses at Fontana Dam

“TVA Today” – Feb. 2, 2017

Tiny houses are getting buzz lately as a new trend, but years ago, TVA used something similar to house its workers at Fontana Dam. Actually a cross between a tiny house and a mobile home, the trailer houses were built in an offsite plant and delivered to the remote Fontana location by pickup truck.


The 104 portable houses came equipped with plumbing, electrical work and fixtures, finish painting, built-in cabinets, sliding windows, screens, doors, hardware and linoleum flooring. 

They were even furnished with a drop-leaf dining table, four folding chairs, sofa bed, oil-fired heater, refrigerator, gasoline cook stove, full size built-in-place bed and dresser, small sink, oil-fired water heater and bathroom fixtures.

Below is a photo gallery from 1942-43.  Home sweet home!

Tiny house 10

Trailer houses at Fontana Dam in the early 1940’s


Tiny house 1

Living room with sofa bed – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Tiny house 4

Dining nook with drop-leaf table and folding chairs – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Tiny house 2

Kitchenette with refrigerator and gasoline cook stove – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE


Tiny house 3

Full size built-in-place bed and bedside table – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE


Tiny house 5

Houses were built at a plant and hauled to Fontana – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Tiny house 6

A pickup truck delivered the houses to their destination – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Tiny house 9

Houses were equipped with an oil-fired heater, water heater and bathroom fixtures – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE