Vintage Photos of TVA Village at Apalachia Dam

TVA furnished housing at Smith Creek Village in North Carolina for the powerhouse operators and safety personnel who worked at Apalachia Dam in the 1940’s.  Photos of the village are shown below.

Located about two miles east of the powerhouse, the village included 20 prefabricated houses along with a community building that was home to a food market, school, post office, and recreation room.

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A TVA family living at Smith Creek Village in the 1940’s – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE


Smith Creek School, May 1944 – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE


Smith Creek Village houses and community building, August 1943 – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE


Apalachia Powerhouse – CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Wondering why there is only one “P” in Apalachia?  The dam takes its name from a nearby railroad community, Old Apalachia in North Carolina, and from a defunct flag stop named Apalachia on the Louisville & Nashville Railroad in Tennessee. No one seems to have an answer for these towns’ peculiar spelling. It’s just part of the local color.