Web Links

  • TVA Website
    TVA’s corporate website provides information on a wide range of topics, including current issues, job vacancies, and much more.  Notice the link for “Employees & Retirees” at the very top of the home page.
  • TVA Facebook Page
    Check out the news, photos and videos on TVA’s Facebook page.
  • TVA Special Discounts
    TVA retirees are currently eligible for several discount programs.
  • TVA Retirement Benefits
    An overview of the TVA Retirement System (TVARS), including a page of helpful links for retirees.
  • TVA Retiree Health Care Benefits
    Information on medical insurance, dental insurance, federal long-term care insurance, Live Well, and prescription safety eyewear.
  • TVA Campgrounds
    Information on TVA campgrounds and recreation areas in the Tennessee Valley.
  • TVA Reservoirs and Power Plants
    An interactive map of TVA facilities gives the location of all TVA reservoirs and links to general information, including visitor centers, fossil, and nuclear plants.
  • TVA Retiree Organizations
    Information on the TVA Retirees Association (TVARA) as well as BVI.
  • TVA Website for Kids
    Share the story of TVA with your grandchildren. Show them how TVA makes electricity, reduces flood damage, and protects wildlife. Intended for grades 4 through 8. There’s a section for teachers, too
  • Currents of Change
    This website offers a wealth of videos, photos, maps and other materials about TVA and its history.  The site was developed by BVI primarily as a resouce for teachers and students, but it has broad appeal.  Enjoy the site and share it with your family.