TVA Contract Work


Retirees assist TVA with short-term projects by working as contractors through BVI.

Current Job Openings


Hundreds of retirees are back on the job at TVA, working as contractors through BVI. This arrangement benefits both sides.  TVA benefits by having experienced workers with TVA knowledge, and retirees benefit by having added income and satisfying work.

In order to work as a BVI contractor, you must be a TVA retiree or former employee.  In addition, you must be in compliance with TVA’s Contractor Return Restrictions.

Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions” concerning contract jobs at TVA.

I would like to perform contract work through BVI. How do I pursue this?

  1. Register with BVI and sign up for the mailing list. You will receive notifications whenever new jobs are posted on the BVI website. Also, your contact information will be kept on file in case a manager wants to reach you.
  2. Apply on the job openings posted on the BVI website. Tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying on. Include a cover note to express your interest and point out your key qualifications.
  3. Network with people you know at TVA. This is the most likely way you will find work as a contractor. Stay in contact with your former TVA colleagues and let them know you are available to assist them. This is how most jobs are filled – informally, rather than through formal job postings.

How does the hiring process work?

The TVA manager selects a job candidate and then requests this person by submitting an order internally.  The request goes up the line for approval in the manager’s organization.  Once approved, the request goes to BVI.  BVI then contacts the person and sends some paperwork.

Who sets the rate of pay for contract jobs?

TVA sets the rate of pay. BVI issues the paycheck, and contractors are paid every 2 weeks.

Are there any benefits with contract jobs?

There are no benefits — no paid holidays, annual leave, sick leave or medical insurance. If you are required to work on a holiday, it is treated as a regular work day for pay purposes.

What about overtime?

BVI contractors are paid time-and-a-half for any hours worked over 40 in the workweek.

If I work as a BVI contractor, will it affect my TVA retiree medical insurance plan?

If you are currently enrolled in TVA medical insurance, employment as a BVI contractor will not affect it. The same is true if you are drawing a TVA retirement check; your employment as a BVI contractor will not affect it.

How much can I earn and still draw Social Security?

It depends on your age and the year you were born. For complete information from the Social Security Administration, go to

If a job posting shows a 1-year contract period, does that mean the job is guaranteed to last for 1 year?

No. TVA is free to terminate a contract job prior to the end date, without notice. A contract job is, by definition, a temporary job.

What is the difference between BVI and RRC?

BVI stands for Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc. It was originally created as a volunteer organization for TVA retirees, and now includes opportunities for paid work as well. RRC stands for Retiree Resources Corporation. It is a part of BVI – specifically, the part that coordinates TVA contract work.

Strictly speaking, retirees who perform contract work are RRC contractors, although they are often referred to as BVI contractors.