Try Out TVA’s New Solar Calculator

Solar panels

Should you install solar panels on your home? This new tool can help you decide.

“TVA Today”
Nov. 30, 2017

TVA has been working with TVPPA and local power companies for months to develop consumer decision-making tools, and the first one is now ready to use.

The Tennessee Valley Solar Calculator is available on the Valley Renewable Energy page on the TVA website. 

This calculator is an online tool designed to help consumers in the Tennessee Valley make informed decisions on whether or not to install solar panels on their homes and businesses. Try out this calculator and share it with your friends.

Users enter simple information into the calculator, which then uses objective inputs to calculate estimates showing the true cost of a solar installation.

The tool uses actual performance data of solar systems in the Tennessee Valley to create its answers, and it integrates localized Valley electric rates to show costs and paybacks depending on location.

The new solar calculator is a step toward ensuring energy consumers are equipped to make informed decisions about solar power. TVA is continuing to work closely with local power companies to develop other tools and to become a trusted energy advisor for end-use consumers, now and in the future.