Sr. Program Manager, Project Engineering Design

Temporary Contract Work at TVA

Start Date: Sept. 30, 2019

Duration:  Up to 1 year

Location: Chattanooga Office Complex

TVA Organization: Generation Projects 

Pay: $39 to $49 per hour, depending on experience 

Work Schedule:  8:00 to 4:45, Monday through Friday with flexibility; little or no overtime

To apply, email your resume to: gro.IVByMnull@trawoczj  

Job Duties

  •  Coordinate project engineering support for 1 to 2 TVA project managers associated with projects at 2 to 4 TVA hydro, coal, or gas plants
  • Ensure contracted engineering services are in place to participate in joint project teams, lead studies, execute design engineering, and provide field implementation support
  • Resolve conflicts and gain consensus between vendors, partners, operations, engineering, and management for projects.
  • Provide engineering oversight for purchases of engineered components.
  • Ensure product quality from contracted engineering partners, and compliance with TVA processes, procedures, and standards associated with product design and associated documentation.
  • Management, tracking, control, and evaluation of engineering performance through established contracts to execute engineering for projects utilizing matrix organization teams. 

Education and Experience

  • Engineering degree from an accredited college or university
  • 5 years experience in engineering role
  • Project management or project support experience
  • Contract management experience

Please Note

You must be a TVA retiree or former employee to perform contract work through BVI.
In addition, you must be in compliance with TVA’s Contractor Return Restrictions.