Ralph & Linda Rose Named Volunteers of the Year

October 3, 2018

Ralph and Linda Rose were named Volunteers of the Year at the 2018 BVI Awards Banquet in Chattanooga, TN.  The couple serve as volunteers at Fontana and Kentucky Dam visitor centers.

“The Roses have made a big impact at our visitor centers,” said Jim Russell, president of BVI. “Each season, they open and close the Kentucky center, train new volunteers and fill in for others at a moment’s notice.” Russell said.

Many others were also recognized at the annual awards banquet.  To see photos of honorees attending the banquet, click here.  A complete list of honorees is shown below. 

Volunteer Milestone Awards
500 to 12,000 hours of volunteer service

13,000 Hours
Glen & Delores Tankersley

11,000 Hours
Jim & Carol Daniel

5,000 Hours
Carolyn Alley
Don & Clara Burgess
Eddie & Kathleen Garrison
Jerry & Evelyn Hudson
Ken & Connie Rhoden
Marcia Richie
Libby Walker

4,000 Hours
Clint & Ina Horton

3,000 Hours
Doyle & Linda McDonald
Emmett Robinson

2,000 Hours
Earl & Sandra Blanks
John & Jan Comstock
Truitt Fore
Frank Laszlo
Lucy Motte
Keith & Debbie Pardue

1,000 Hours
Robbie & Beverly Gray
Ted Nelson
Art & Sharyn Schettini
Dee & Jo Travis

500 Hours
Marjorie Cole
Carol Glover
Larry & Jane Ticer
Rick & Lenora Worthington

Volunteer Outstanding Service Award
At least 15 years and 3,000 hours of volunteer service
Doyle & Linda McDonald
Emmett Robinson

NEA Outstanding Service Awards
NEA is the division of BVI that supplies trained contract workers to FEMA.
These workers assist with recovery efforts following natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and ice storms.

Honorees Exceeding 15,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work
Archie Diegel III
J. T. Duncan
William L Heald
William T Miller
Rickey R Richey
Catherine M Robinson
Randall L Roddy

Honorees Exceeding 10,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work
Bobby L Akins
Lloyd K Lewis
Donna E Norton