Project Control Specialist

Temporary Contract Work at TVA

Start Date: As soon as possible

Duration:  Up to 3 years

Location: Chattanooga Office Complex

TVA Organization: Nuclear Power

Pay: $42 to $52 per hour, depending on experience 

Work Schedule:  8:00 to 4:45, Monday through Friday; see additional information below

To apply, email your resume to:  gro.IVByMnull@yrrepnj

Job Duties

Work in the small modular reactor program primarily for financial accounting including reporting. Will provide financial inputs into the DOE PICS program as well as TVA financial reporting. Development of metrics suitable for a developing program.

  • Develop and implement methods for performance monitoring, reporting, analysis, and trend assessment.
  • Facilitate programs to ensure establishment and analysis of specific operational and process improvement plans used for goal setting, estimating project plans, performance indicators/targets, benchmarking, baselining, and trending.
  • Coordinate engineering a/e contracts, monitor contract expenditures for usage trends, assist in the process of issuing new contracts, amending existing contracts, and resolve questions, issues, etc.
  • Lead/manage the process ensuring the integrity of the process, resolving pending/outstanding requests, reconciling encumbrances and pending tasks with IBS as required.
  • Analyze cost data to find methods of reducing costs and/or increasing efficiency and coordinate a corrective action plan.
  • Develop cost benefit analysis.
  • Develop project budgets and reporting structure for actual expenditures and monitor performance.
  • Assist in developing budgets and reporting structure for actual expenditures and monitor performance as requested.
  • Monitor and forecast performance in comparison to business plan objectives establish adp support requirement and develop and institute plans to accomplish.
  • Assist in developing workload projections (equivalents).
  • Conduct special studies, for example: project forecasting, O&M projects, CCO, etc. 

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related technical field, or equivalent; plus several years experience in a construction, engineering, or generating plant environment is desirable.
  • Detailed knowledge of project control practices, methods, procedures.
  • Certification by project management institute or AACE is desired.

Please Note

 You must be a TVA retiree or former employee to perform contract work through BVI.
In addition, you must be in compliance with TVA’s Contractor Return Restrictions.