Program Manager, Transmission Asset Management

Temporary Contract Work at TVA

Start Date: As soon as possible

Duration:  Approx. 12 months, may be extended

Location: Chattanooga, TN

Pay: Approx. $40 to $55 per hour

Work Schedule: Full time, Monday through Friday.  Open to alternate schedules. 

To apply, email your resume to:  gro.IVByMnull@matmp


The TVA Transmission organization is making investments in industry-leading Asset Performance Management (APM) technology. The Transmission Asset Management department will be instrumental in delivering improved asset performance by coordinating the efficient deployment and operation of powerful predictive analytic software, coupled with intelligent devices, to drive our asset life-cycle decision making processes, standardizing APM procedures, and enabling an enhanced asset ‘condition assessment’ communications protocol in a consistent, structured, and safe way.

Position Overview

The candidate will act in a Subject Matter Expert / Project Manager / Program Manager capacity to help design, build, operate, and maintain TPS condition monitoring systems and processes.

Job Summary

Responsible for providing expert technical advice in a data science or data engineering role and developing internal consensus on issues relating to transmission asset management; responsible for evaluating, developing, and providing guidance on asset data and information to Senior Staff and Senior Management, including the structure and integration of asset data and data systems across all transmission functional areas through implementation and recommendations related to automation, integration, analytics, visualization, and reporting tools.

Job Duties

  • Process development, documentation, and integration; including roles & responsibility identification
  • Lead the interaction with Transmission, Vendor, IT, or other personnel to coordinate and configure data communications using telecommunication (ICCP, MODBUS, and DNP) protocols.
  • Facilitate the development, testing, deployment, support, and maintenance of new devices, applications, databases, and operator displays.
  • Lead the interaction with IT and Transmission infrastructure groups to configure computer systems and troubleshoot problems and incidents.
  • Monitor real-time system conditions and support investigations of events.
  • Serves as a key contributor in managing incidents, problems and anomalies including recognition, analysis and resolution.
  • Ensures the monitoring of system statuses, operations, performance, and event logs, and develops mastery of system level architecture, system configuration, and system operations.
  • Facilitate the conceptualizing, designing, creating, and distributing advanced analytics reports to aggregate, consolidate, and evaluate operational data into documented asset health assessments and to create ‘bottom-line’ reports that quantify financial, reliability, and performance risks/improvements.
  • Aid in performing remaining life analysis on equipment and prepare recommendations for capital, operations & maintenance budgeting.

Please Note
You must be a TVA retiree or former employee to perform contract work through BVI.
In addition, you must be in compliance with TVA’s Contractor Return Restrictions.