BVI Assists Retirees with Local Volunteer Service Projects

Throughout the Tennessee Valley many TVA retirees are active in worthwhile volunteer projects, and BVI is helping to support these efforts.

“We have partnered with several TVA Retirees Association chapters on local volunteer initiatives,” says Jim Russell, president of BVI.

Typically, the chapter members provide the workforce and BVI provides the funds for materials.

In addition, BVI has contributed to other ongoing projects that retirees are involved in.  These efforts include TVA’s Partners-in-Education events, Friends of LBL, kids’ fishing days, robotics programs and the like.

Several examples of BVI-funded projects are shown below.  Retirees may submit funding requests to BVI through their local TVARA chapter.  Inquiries can also be sent directly to Russell at vog.avtnull@llessurrj


Muscle Shoals Garden Project

Muscle Shoals Garden Project

This is a self-help program that provides garden supplies, seeds and plants to qualifying low income residents who wish to grow their own food.

The purpose is to help participants reduce grocery bills and improve diets by growing fresh vegetables in their own gardens.

Each family receives supplies costing $16, which ultimately yield over $500 in food produced.  In addition, families gain gardening skills and the satisfaction of growing their own food.

Rochester KY Ballpark Renovation


Rochester KY Ballpark Renovation

A community ballpark in Rochester, KY, near TVA’s Paradise plant, was recently updated and renovated by TVA retirees.

Volunteers from the Paradise Chapter of the TVA Retirees Association laid conduit, pulled wire, and mounted lights onto poles for the Rochester Ballpark Project.  Materials were funded by a grant from BVI.

Others in the community also joined in the effort, donating lights, poles, and bleachers.  A local community volunteer group prepared lunch for the workers each day.

Cleveland TN Wheelchair Ramp Project

Cleveland TN Wheelchair Ramp Project

Cleveland TN Wheelchair Ramp Project

In Cleveland, TN, a small group of TVA retirees build wheelchair ramps upon request for those who need them.

There is no charge to the recipient.  The retirees perform the labor and BVI pays for the materials.

The group stays busy, and has built 4 ramps in the past month.  Each ramp is custom-made for the location.

According to the project coordinators, the work involves simple tools, with no special skills needed.