Jim & Carolyn Dodson Named Volunteers of the Year

Jim and Carolyn Dodson cropped

Sept. 12, 2019

Jim & Carolyn Dodson were named Volunteers of the Year at the 2019 BVI Awards Banquet in Chattanooga, TN.  The Dodsons volunteer at the TVA visitor centers for Raccoon Mountain and Fontana Dam.

“Jim and Carolyn always bring their A-game to whatever they are doing,” said Jim Russell, president of BVI.

“When they talk to visitors at the centers, they give it everything they’ve got to make it a good experience for the visitors. No one cares more about our efforts at the visitor centers than Jim and Carolyn Dodson,” Russell said.

In addition to the Dodsons, many other retirees were honored at the BVI Awards Banquet.  To see photos of the honorees, click here.

A complete list of honorees is shown below.

Volunteer Milestone Awards
500 to 12,000 hours of volunteer service

12,000 Hours
Jim & Carol Daniel

9,000 Hours
Leon & Nancy Hicks

6,000 Hours
Eddie & Kathleen Garrison
Tony Giggy

5,000 Hours
Kenneth Coppage
Benny & Becky Miller
Pat Shannon

4,000 Hours
Jim Sexton

3,000 Hours
Lile & Cathryn Bickley

Roger & Janie Bollinger
Jim & Carolyn Dodson
William & Nelda Presley
Nelson & Arlene Richardson
Ralph & Linda Rose
Jerry & Jennifer Scarbrough
Don & Ruffie Younger

2,000 Hours
Ken & Donna Davis

Ron & Sonja DuBois
Connie & Byrl King
Caron Shelton

1,000 Hours
Sherry Barnett
J. C. & Helen Box
Carol Glover
Linda Hopf
Bill & Tami Mixon
Larry & Jane Ticer
Erven & Elnora Williams
Rick & Lenora Worthington

500 Hours
Dave & Lola Curran
Sam & Roberta Esslinger
Hugh & Mary Gardner
Carlene LeCompte
June Massengille
David & Linda Teuton
Lexie Tyler
Jerry VanCleave
Jane Wells
David & Robin Wright

Volunteer Outstanding Service Awards
At least 15 years of service and 3,000 hours of volunteer work

Roger & Janie Bollinger
Jim & Carolyn Dodson
Pat Shannon

NEA Milestones
NEA is the division of BVI that supplies trained contract workers to FEMA.

These workers assist with recovery efforts following natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and ice storms.

Honorees Exceeding 25,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work
Gaye Bow

Honorees Exceeding 20,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work
Blanton Maples

Honorees Exceeding 15,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work
Donald Becker
Virginia Roddy

Honorees Exceeding 10,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work
Karyl Stewart
Kenneth Smith