BVI Announces 2 New Board Members

BVI is pleased to announce that Janet Herrin and Tim Cornelius have joined the BVI Board of Directors.

Janet Herrin

We are delighted to welcome these two distinguished people to our board,” said Jim Russell, President of BVI.

Janet Herrin served as TVA’s Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer before retiring in 2013.  

She has held two other positions since retiring from TVA:  Senior Advisor to the Secretary, Department of Energy, Washington, D.C., and Chief Operating Officer, Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, OR.  

As a member of the BVI Board of Directors, Janet will serve on the Finance & Audit committee.  

Tim Cornelius served as Program Manager for TVA’s Emergency Management, State and Local Programs, prior to retiring in 2014.

He will serve on the Governance & Personnel Committee of the BVI Board of Directors.

“Janet and Tim have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of TVA.  They will be excellent additions to our Board of Directors,” Russell said.

Tim Cornelius