Environmental Tech – Level C

Temporary Contract Work at TVA

Start Date: As soon as possible

Duration:  Approx. 12 to 18 months, may be extended

Location: Nashville area

TVA Organization: Environmental Field Services

Pay: $40 to $50 per hour, depending on experience 

Work Schedule:  8:00 to 4:45, Monday through Friday; occasional overnight travel expected 

To apply, email your resume to:  gro.IVByMnull@nrobsowj    

Job Duties

  • Stormwater inspection
  • Lead sampling
  • Water quality monitoring and sampling
  • Environmental audits

Job Summary

  • Performs the most complex scientific technician support tasks involving the application of specific or multidisciplinary technology principles in an assigned area.  May have full technical responsibility and in an assigned work area.
  •  Takes lead role in conducting a wide range of complex environmental compliance operations, tests, experiments, and analyses with focus on Human (HU) Performance tools, including strict adherence to technical Instructions. May perform moderately complicated calculations as well as analyze, interpret, and evaluate data. Formulates recommendations based on analytical results which may be used to modify procedures, processes, equipment, and/or methods. 
  •  May also lead or direct the implementation of land and water management technician activities focused on protection of natural and cultural resources.
  •  Monitors contractor activities to ensure compliance with all applicable standards and environmental regulations is achieved.  Typically directs/coordinates/schedules the work of A and/or B-Level technicians.
  •  Aids in waste shipment activities including characterization, container labeling, manifest preparation, packaging, and scheduling.
  •  Proficient in sampling, using instruments, collecting field data, site inspections/documentation, stormwater inspections, and report writing.

Supervision Received

  • Independently performs work and is reviewed only for compliance with objectives.
  • Technical advice is available upon request or for unusual, highly complex assignments.
  • Assignments are provided by Environmental Scientist or Manager.
  • General guidance is provided through applicable technical management plans.
  • Employee reviews assignments, selects the appropriate equipment, assists in scheduling, and ensures completion of the assignments.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Recognize problems and implement corrective actions
  • Direct lower level employees
  • Interpret data
  • Technical competencies
  • Communicate effectively
  • Perform analyses
  • Sampling skills
  • Coordinate work, prepare reports, analyze results
  • Possess leadership qualities.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience/Certificates, Licenses, and Registration Requirements/Other Requirements:
A.S. degree or equivalencies in education and at least 2 years experience at Environmental Technician Level B; or a high school education and 5 or more years experience at the Environmental Technician Level B. May also require a certification or license for applicable environmental tasks (i.e. stormwater certification, pesticide application, visible emissions)

Please Note
You must be a TVA retiree or former employee to perform contract work through BVI.
In addition, you must be in compliance with TVA’s Contractor Return Restrictions.