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Pete Seeger

Folk singer Pete Seeger wrote “The TVA Song” more than 50 years ago, paying tribute to the great improvements brought about by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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Lyrics for “The TVA Song”
Pete Seeger – 1958

It was down in the Valley, that’s called Tennessee.
Uncle Sam started something, in the year ’33.

We dreamed a great dream then, that’s now here to stay.
Saw democracy’s future, when we built TVA.

Now rivers that once ran, unchecked to the sea.
Use the force that was wasted, for electricity.

And rains that washed topsoil, away in the night.
Helped turn the great turbines, turning dark into light.

Where once private power said it couldn’t be done.
You can see farm lights twinkling, you can hear high lines hum.

Fertilizer and science, are reclaiming the soil.
And the REA co-ops, help lighten the toil.

From the vision of Norris, who was true to his dream.
Came a blueprint for freedom, and democracy’s team.

The farmer and worker, helped to build a new day.
That was built for the people of the great U.S.A.