BVI Honors Hardworking Retirees

BVI 2017-316

Dot and Jan Jensen were named Volunteers of the Year at the 2017 BVI Awards Banquet.

“TVA Today”
Sept. 28, 2017

Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated (BVI) recently held its annual banquet in Huntsville, Alabama. This year’s “Volunteers of the Year” are Dot and Jan Jensen, who have served as dedicated BVI volunteers for over two decades.

Beginning their volunteer careers in 1995, the Jensens have contributed at both the Raccoon Mountain and Fontana Visitor Centers. In addition to volunteering, Jan has served on the BVI Board of Directors for the past 12 years, has done FEMA work for BVI, and presently serves as a trainer for new FEMA workers.

“The Fontana center is closed all winter, and Jan and Dot are always the first ones in to prepare the center for opening,” said BVI President Jim Russell. “They are also the last ones out and shut the center down for the winter.”

Before his volunteer work began, Jan worked for TVA for 33 years, from January 1961 to November 1994, working primarily in Hydro and Power Supply.

In addition to recognizing the work of Jan and Dot, numerous others were acknowledged for their dedication to BVI. They include:

BVI Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Milestone Awards – 500 to 12,000 hours of volunteer service

12,000 Hours: Glen & Delores Tankersley

10,000 Hours: Jim & Carol Daniel

8,000 Hours: Leon & Nancy Hicks

6,000 Hours: Bill & Maxine Wiggins

4,000 Hours: Don & Clara Burgess, Eddie & Kathleen Garrison, Chuck McIlwain, Jane Oglesby, Jerry & Elaine Waterbury

3,000 Hours: William McCool

2,000 Hours: Jim & Carolyn Dodson, Glen & Joyce Moultrie, William & Nelda Presley, Nelson & Arlene Richardson, Ralph & Linda Rose, Jerry & Jennifer Scarbrough, Don & Ruffie Younger

1,000 Hours: Elmo Blevins, Tim & Sherry Butler, Ken & Donna Davis, Bobbie & Martha Gray, Connie & Burl King, Judy Lusby, Carl & Carol Sherer, Wayne Sneed, A.C. & Dorris Wilson

500 Hours: J.C. & Helen Box, Gary & Teresa Edmondson, Robbie & Beverly Gray, Linda Hopf, Joan Marsh, Art & Sharyn Schettini

Volunteer Outstanding Service Award – At least 15 years and 3,000 hours of volunteer service:  William McCool, Chuck McIlwain, Jim Sexton, Libby Walker

NEA Outstanding Service Awards

NEA is the division of BVI that supplies trained contract workers to FEMA.   These workers assist with recovery efforts following natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and ice storms.

Honorees Exceeding 20,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work: Samuel Shipman

Honorees Exceeding 15,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work: James Gilliam, Ronnie Graham, Larry Jeffreys, Daniel Sanders, David Schmidt

Honorees Exceeding 10,000 Hours of FEMA Disaster-Relief Work: Donald Becker, Lee Carter, Kenneth Dix, Arthur Schettini, Dwight Stofel

Wilson Taylor, TVA director, Human Resources, Business Office & Ombudsman, gave remarks at the awards ceremony.

“You are the best ambassadors and advocates TVA could ask for,” Taylor said. “Your ongoing involvement is a tribute to your commitment to TVA and to the fact that TVA isn’t just another utility company or government agency. TVA is a unique organization with a unique mission—to serve the people to make life better in the Tennessee Valley region.”

Taylor also discussed the continued investment in the visitor center program, stating that last year was the first year BVI was able to record 100,000 visitors to the centers. This year BVI anticipates in excess of 130,000 visitors by year-end.

“We appreciate the work you did in your TVA careers, and we appreciate what you do today. You exemplify TVA’s mission of service and you tell your story with authority and credibility,” said Taylor.

BVI 2017-003

BVI volunteers Erven and Elnora Williams


BVI 2017-215

BVI volunteer Connie Rhoden


BVI 2017-198

Keynote speaker Wilson Taylor, TVA director, Human Resources, Business Office & Ombudsman


BVI 2017-208

Sally Weber, TVA Retirement Operations Manager


BVI 2017-164

BVI staff members Lynda Thomas and Marka Smith


BVI 2017-168

Approximately 200 guests attended the 2017 BVI Awards Banquet.