BVI Banquet Has Been Cancelled

BVI regrets to announce that the annual BVI Awards Banquet has been cancelled. The event was originally scheduled for Sept. 17, 2020, at the Chattanoogan Hotel.

The banquet is held each year to honor retirees who are active in BVI. This includes those who perform BVI volunteer work as well as those engaged in FEMA disaster-recovery work and TVA contract work.

The BVI Board of Directors cancelled the banquet after careful consideration of the possible risk to attendees.

“Our audience is made up of TVA retirees,” said BVI President Jim Russell. “This age group is considered ‘at risk’ for the coronavirus, so we felt it would be best to call off the event.”

Many retirees who attend the banquet are volunteers at TVA visitor centers. In March of this year, TVA announced that the centers would be closed for the season due to the pandemic.

“We look forward to the time when we can return to normal and resume our volunteer work,” Russell said. “The volunteers perform a great service for TVA.”